Mark H. Dambly

Co-founder and Board Member

In his capacity as Co-founder and Board Member, Mark H. Dambly is responsible for the long-term success of the Contour Housing Partners platform. He oversees the execution of the company’s strategic plan, fosters relationships with investors and partners, and is the architect of the Contour’s critical alliance with Pennrose Management Company.  

Mark H. Dambly has more than four decades of experience in the real estate industry, spanning single family home building and overseeing complex multi-family rental housing developments as the CEO of Contour’s strategic partner enterprise, Pennrose, LLC. Under his leadership at Pennrose, the company has developed in excess of $5 billion in total asset value.  

As President of the Pennrose Foundation, Mark oversees a nonprofit charitable organization that further enhances the company’s mission of transforming communities. Mark also serves on the Pennsylvania State University Board of Directors of Penn State Health, and formerly held the position of Chairman of the Pennsylvania State University Board of Trustees. He is a member of the Board of Directors Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania, Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA), and Military Veteran Partners (MVP). Most recently, Pennsylvania Governor-Elect Josh Shapiro & Lieutenant Governor-Elect Austin Davis named Mark as advisory to the administration’s transition advisory committee on housing.  

Mark received a Bachelor of Science in Real Estate and Insurance from Pennsylvania State University.